Théâtre du Châtelet;

Théâtre du Châtelet;

 Théâtre du Châtelet;
Zulu studios James Coore and Marco Fiorani Parenzi provided 3D animations and 2D compositing for this totally unique and exciting project.

Monkey: Journey To The West re-tells the 400 year-old tale for a new audience. This production is a triumph of collaboration - between old and new, sight and sound, East and West.

Jamie Hewlett Directed a set of animations for the celebrated Opera "Monkey Journey to the West", Directed by Chen Shi-Zheng composed by Damon Albarn.

It brings together traditional disciplines - acrobatics, singing, dancing - with emphatically modern technology including animation and dazzling video projections. In partnership with Zombie Flesh Eaters Zulu studios provided 3D animation and 2D compositing for the video projections.

This was an exciting project with a rare chance to present animation at an Opera with a Live orchestra. The main challenge was to develop a look that could be presented on a massive stage, but maintaining the subtleties of the opera.

The opera was performed in November 2008 at Monkey's World, a specially designed theatre built exclusively to host the opera at the O2.

The bespoke tent, created by the Monkey team, featured its' own restaurant, bar and even a Chinese foot massage parlour.


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